Kingdom Death - Gorm Armour Gimp Suits WIP

Next up are a male and female gorm armour suit with shields, an axe and a big sword.  Couple quick shades of black and a wash to get the leather out of the way to start.


  1. Catching up. (been lazy lately with the blogs). Everything is looking fantastic. I pledged the 1.5 as well...with the gamblers. Probably going to pickup the Dragon king and DMK as well. Such awesome stuff!

    1. You've had a good excuse to take some time off though :) Lol haven't you only played this once? I'm at the BF Gamblers too. Every time my group has sat down to play I kick myself having not backed the first one and then paying full retail for everything. NEVER AGAIN!

      Apparently DMK is the creator's favourite expansion; I haven't had the opportunity to fight it yet and haven't been brave enough to come up with a paint scheme. I lack inspiration to paint a poop ball haha


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