Kingdom Death - Messenger of the Spiral Path WIP

Here's the last of my Kingdom Death promo figures that I'm painting (I still have the First Story lady but am not decided on how to paint her hair yet).  This guy is apparently inspired by "Kamina" from an anime called "Gurren Lagann".  I don't know anything about anime, but am using the same colour scheme.  Sometimes it like being 'told' what colours to use.  It forces me to try different things (like blue hair!).

Also two expansions on the block.


  1. Gurren Lagaan is insanity - just plain silliness and chaos. And big boobs... like most anime. -__-

    Good representation of the character though.

    Like the painting though, nice solid simple scheme.

    1. I'll probably use him as the king or whatever in lion knight games too.


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