Kingdom Death - Messenger of Humanity - Painted

To follow up the Messenger of Courage from last week, here's my Messenger of Humanity from Kingdom Death.  He's apparently based on a character called Guts from an anime series "Berserk".  I know absolutely nothing about anime, but I wanted to paint him up similar to the inspiration for the model so went with an all black look.  The black is done with chaos black followed by vallejo dark grey blue, grey highlights and a black wash.  It looks like he's wearing 'lantern armour' from the game so we'll only be using him in suitable situations as a survivor.  He just looks so bad ass compared to the rest of the poor saps.  Next up is the Messenger of the Spiral Path.


  1. You.... must.... watch... berserk anime (1997 version)

    Long term lurker, love your blog and painting keep it up dude.

    1. Thanks man. So long as I can find time and real life doesn't get in the way... Usually it depends on what my gaming group is doing on how fast I pump stuff out.

      I've never been a fan of anime; I think the only thing I sat through was Princes Monuke (sp?) and one or two others a friend recommended. Maybe I'll revisit when I run out of netflix haha.

  2. I think I might have to leave this here for you to tempt you to watch it. Trust me your love it.


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