Kingdom Death - The Watcher - Painted

Here's the last baddy from the core game of Kingdom Death - The Watcher.  My colour choices came from the concept art on the kickstarter page.  The blue is done with GW nihilak oxide and white drybrushing.  I'm assuming their energy whisps but am not positive.  I painted the cloak with catachan green, rotting flesh and devlan mud.  Now to move on to the expansions (which I may have overindulged in and bought all of them......) with some more survivors sprinkled liberally around.


  1. Love it, nice simple and effective paint job. Yet to tackle this one myself, but I'm sure in the near future it will be requested.

    1. If your group is getting close to the end, you'll need him :)

    2. The bloke who owns the game bloody went and picked up the Dragon King expansion at Gen Con.... I don't think there will be an end. ~_~

    3. Good on him. From what I hear that's one of the best in terms of gameplay changes which is why it sold out so fast. I mean it also has a dragon twice the size of a phoenix so there's that haha.

      We're on year 5 I think of a dragon campaign and its quite different so far in subtle ways after my half dozen watcher campaigns.


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