Kingdom Death Messenger of Courage Painted

Finished up my Messenger of Courage from Kingdom Death.  It's hard to tell because of lighting/subtle wash, but in keeping with the Zelda theme I tried to make the Twilight Sword blue as well as the colouring of the shield is all done with washes (blue/green/red).  This model is pretty cool so I'll probably sub her in as a twilight sword survivor when the opportunity arises.  There are a few male models from the promo set that will work as well when the survivor is a dude.  In hindsight, the white leggings/collar might be a bit too bright and draw the eye where it shouldn't, but when I look from 24" it isn't as bad.

I swear the sword has blue in it.  The colour correction of the camera/picasa just made it fully silver.  I promise!


  1. She looks great. Nice subtle wash-use and that pose is very nicely dynamic.


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