Kingdom Death - Naked Archer painted

Last cloth guy for a while.  I tried a few poses, one was lining up an arrow for a shot, none of which looked great or realistic, so I settled for this one.  I think it does the job.  I greenstuffed the quiver strap and the bow string too for completeness.

This shot shows the poor results of this skin job.  The drybrushing looks really dusty.  Sadness :(
I forgot I put a cat's eye circlet on him too.  Archers usually sit back and not help much in our games so that gives them some utility.


  1. Try a glaze over the skin? Might take up some of the dusty!

    1. Do glazes do that? I've never bought one. Perhaps I should look into a tan/brown glaze. Do they get really shiny?

    2. Glaze/wash can help tie in groups of colors (such as in not perfectly blended or dry brushed). They can dry shiny depending on the glaze/wash.


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