Kingdom Death - Intimacy Painted

These two figures come from the Kingdom Death Intimacy story event (so I went with the blond and red hair).  I think these will be used in game when starting survivors get things like scrap swords from events.

The flowing robes on these guys are pretty dynamic.  I think I'd rather have one of these over a naked guy with a founding stone!  Most of the people I've seen assemble these I don't think did the correct thing with the feather in her hair and it usually looked pretty awkward.  The key is to cut the bottom half off (which I'm convinced is just flashing/sprue anyway).
I painted the little ribbon thing on his hilt to match her hair since they're pairbonded, I assume it's a lock of hair :)


  1. Your flesh has been steadily improving since you took on these models!

    1. I'd love to believe that's true, but I think it's a matter of chance; camera angle and how well I cleaned them :( No real change to the recipe.


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