Khorne Blood Slaughterer - Painted

Finished up Forge World's Khorne Blood Slaughterer.  I kept a similar scheme to the rest of my armoured units which is a dark blue-grey while leaving the red to the infantry and daemons.  The contrast is really important to the feel of the army.  I also applied a lot of blood for the blood god to the sharp edges :)

I also noticed I hit 205,000 views last week.  So that's a neat milestone for me!  Though I did have a website for the mods for the original Rainbow Six PC game 15 or so years ago that I think hit 100k which was a pretty big deal in 2000 :)

One of my favourite parts of this model are the skulls that are worked into all of the cables, and the two dead corpses encased in the rear.  I also never knew about the fluff surrounding what I'll call the 'daemon vault' on the back of the war construct (the chained up cylinder).  Apparently (Imperial Armour 13) indicates any machine built by warsmiths will have one, while those summoned direct from the warp will not.  Sort of a neat image.  The decimator has one too :)

Anyway, back to Kingdom Death models for a while.  The infantry gives me nice quick little projects that I've been able to do while being a new Dad :)


  1. Looks great man really nice paint work with the black and brass. I had one of these once and really enjoyed painting and posing it a lot, What a great model!

    1. Thanks man. Yeah posing it was interesting... It just barely fit the base with how I had it. I also needed to search lots of reference photos so I didn't pose the legs in some weird looking way by mistake.

    2. Did you pin the limbs somewhere or did it fit together sufficiently stable without? Got a couple of these that I haven't started with yet, but I imagine being top heavy might be a issue depending on how you pose the legs.

    3. I pinned most of the joints with paper clips. Usually not deep just enough for extra glue to bite.

  2. What a freaking cool model. Paintjob showcases it nicely. Those skulls are awesome (in the cables). Grats on the blog milestone!


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