Forgeworld Khorne Berserker Squads - Painted

Behold my horde of Khorn Berserkers!  I painted up 16 of these fellows (2 squads) from a combination of the forge world upgrade kit, Mark II power armour and a Rampager kit.  I figured the Mark II armour looked the most archaic and gladiatorial and I think the final look is pretty sweet.  I 'randomized' the pairings of different parts of all of the kits so everybody would be unique.  I haven't sealed these or added blood effect (ran out) but you get the idea. I plan to use the marines without helmets as champions, which is why they have the best weapons (the sweet ones from the Rampager kit that I had left over after the Lord and Bikes).

Super happy with the skull bases, the clean white contrast looks nice when the army is bunched up.  Also really glad I finished these.  They have a nice shelf now overflowing with khorne marines!  Blood for the Blood God!


  1. They look fantastic...should have them jump in a KD game since they already have the skull bases :)

    1. Thanks! I haven't found the settlement location that allows us to make chain swords and ceramite yet.

      There is an encounter in the game that requires a handful of extra models and I didn't have enough survivors assembled at the time so I did use these guys before they were finished :)


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