Star Wars Armada Rogues and Villains Painted

I picked up the Rogues and Villains pack for Star Wars Armada.  I split it and gave the rebel scum to my buddy.  Now the strange thing was FFG packed the wrong ships in mine so while everything else was correct, I didn't get an IG88, but two firesprays.  This is actually pretty sweet since I wanted more than one of those (they're pretty good I think).  So all I did (and you can see it on the bottom right of this image) is paint a six on the IG88 dial so it matched hit points properly haha.  On the other plus, FFG sent me the proper little ship as a replacement once I sent in some pictures of the box contents.  I'll have to paint that eventually.
I think painting these up took about 15 minutes a ship (they're the size of a penny) so it was really nice and quick for a project.  I used all of the x-wing models as inspiration and pretty much copied their paint schemes.  The 2nd firespray I did up as Kath scarlet since it's visually distinct from boba fett's ship.

Hound's Tooth
Slave I transporting Han Solo for bounty.


  1. Wow...I've seen these ships. They are seriously seriously tiny. They look fantastic!

    1. Thanks man. I really like quick projects!


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