Kingdom Death White Lion Armour painted

There are four models on each sprue (2 male 2 female) but I'm only putting 1 of each together for now.  I don't think we'd outfit an entire party with 1 type (they each have unique bonuses) and some look better than others in terms of stats.  So for now, here's the token white lion figure.  Lots and lots of fur went into crafting this so she's pretty warm I bet.  Also since the materials called for bone on a few pieces, and we don't have iron yet, I avoided painting any of the larger panels in metallics.  I suppose it could be rawhide but I think that would have ruined the 'whiteness' of the model and made it look similar to some of the other sets like leather/rawhide/antelope where I have other plans.

Overall a pretty nifty figure with a bunch of detail.  Once sealed I'll add some blood to the dagger.