Kingdom Death - King's Man WIP

I was heavily inspired on this paint scheme by a google search /flikr for the model, so while not remembering who's it was, I am glad I found it.  I mounted him on some resin bases I found in my hobby box as well.  I'm going to paint up these boss models a bit more vibrant than I'm used to.  It might be a nightmare world but painting can be happy :)


  1. Loving all the KD stuff, but you know that! :)

    1. Good! I have tons more to go through. The trick is not buying all of the expansions...

    2. You mean like that ridiculously awesome dragon king one? :)

    3. My buddy bought that one, it's in the mail. I'm pretty sure he'll want me to paint it eventually for him :)

    4. awesome! Will look forward to those posts!


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