Kingdom Death King's Man Painted

King's Man is all done.  This guy is one tough cookie to kill.  He dodges most of the things you throw at him.  Doesn't help that he's fully clad in armour and we're mostly throwing rocks and hiding behind cloth...

By now our group has probably fought him 6 times?  I think we're 30% wins haha.

Now back to Battlefleet Gothic Armada...

I'm pretty happy with the blue.  He stands out quite a bit on the table. 

I really wish I was better with bases.  If they're not precast and just needing paint I really can't offer more.  I see some really swell basing jobs online all the time with reeds and just really nice things, and after some 9 or so years of painting I never quite picked that up.


  1. glorious paint job!

    On the bases, maybe just start fiddling without models. Sometimes just need to let yourself go nuts and see what you come up with, without worrying if it goes with a particular figure.

    1. I need cool fake grass! That's the problem! I always get scared of spending decent money on fake grass though...

      I did order some scibor faces though to speckle around some of the existing bases. They're rather large though I think so probably won't fit on anything shy of the dragon or gorm.


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