Khorne Daemonkin Possessed - Painted

Well these are apparently the quintessential unit in a Khorne Daemonkin army since they're space marines who are closer to the warp than the rest. I tried to pick heads that had horns (there were a few choices) and to make them look as khorny as I could.  I used spare shoulder pads too so they'd be turned world eaters like the berserkers they'd once been.

These models, I've never really seen before in 7 years since I think they were terrible.  But since this time you need to take a unit, they're actually really cool models.  I think they have tons of character since each model is unique.  It would look maybe a bit copy and paste if there were 10 of them, but they're really cool for a 1+ squad.
Shading evident on shoulder guard
There's a bit of gloss on the photos since I did my sealant coat before applying the blood.


  1. Awesome! Freaking love the skulls so much! Great reds!

    1. Thanks Greg, scenic resin bases are the way to go!

    2. Definitely. Jeff @ dragonforge has so much of my money due to his resin bases...


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