Lord Kraxen the Blood Reaver

Here's my finished Chaos Lord for my Khorne Daemonkin army.  I tried to capture the 'essence' of him being slowly possessed in his worship; hence the wings and the bloodletter arm.  I'm sure it's a painfully murderous process! 

I did a test paint on the juggernaut with all bronze and didn't like it.  Too flashy.  At the same time I wanted him to stand out from the rest of the bloodcrushers I'd painted so all I did was add some extra gold/bronze to the head plate and some shim guards which I think is enough to set him apart.  The bronze was done with tin bits followed by successive dry brushes of dwarf bronze, shining gold, burnished gold and mithril followed by a gryphonne wash and then oxide.
This juggernaut was a skullcrusher (had a saddle) but I hadn't originally planned to use it as such so the saddle was carved off. Because of this I had to convert his crotch from a space marine and then I added the kilt piece from a daemon prince to his waist on the back to cover up the mix match of parts.

I really like the huge axe which will have to be an axe of khorne.  It looks bigger since I cut off the second hand that it came with and now it just looks like a massive one handed axe great for harvesting skulls.

Juggernauts are awesome.  He's even rhino'd a few unsuspecting victims and bloodied his crest.

You can see here that I used the chest from a space marine which might look a little small on the skullcrusher legs.  It was quite obvious originally but after adding the wings and blood letter arm (which was honestly a conversion of necessity to hide that fact) it blended a lot more. I'm happy I was forced into that.

He's a mighty angry fellow.


  1. Duddddeeee. That face is AWEsome! The front profile charging shot is just so well done!

    1. I can't take credit for the face sculpt, but I am really happy with how this guy turned out. I've even used him as a proxy in my kingdom death games before I had some of the bosses painted :)

    2. Well your execution of the skin on the face does the sculpt justice!

    3. Thanks! Just a few lazy dry brushes :)


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