Kingdom Death White Lion Armour WIP

Here's a player character that's in progress.  This game was pretty expensive, so my friends I'm playing it with pitched in a bit of money to help out.  As part of that I told them all they'd each get a model for each armour type to assemble and paint themselves.  Anyway, despite them all having painted their own 40k armies and such, none of them have jumped to paint a dude yet.  Since I want the game to look nice while we play, I'm going to do the tour of models to start.  Just 1 of each type for now.  Later probably a few more with different weapon options.  The joints are so small (not heroic proportions) so I'm not going to try to magnetize them.


  1. Yay more KD! Check out arena rex in the future as well. You will probably love their models!

    1. I'm sure I can paint KD for a year with how much I have!

      Those arena rex models look cool. I like that some have pets. I want pets on my KD guys!


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