Kingdom Death - Screaming Antelope Painted

Screaming Antelope loves Acanthus plants, and human flesh
Painted this guy up now too.  My monster collection is really coming along!  I've seen a few of these painted where the flesh is muscle which definitely conveys the nightmare theme, but in the imagery it is just an antelope (fur and all) with the exception of the giant chest maw.  So I went with fur which I think would look better once the miniatures have the armour too.  I think this approach also highlights the mouth a bit more.  These pictures are right before I sealed the mini but afterward I added blood effect (Khorne Blood for the Blood God from GW) to the eyes so they are bleeding/crying blood.  So SPOOKY!  I also added half of some weapon from one of the sprues to the ground as a stone face with acanthus coming out.  He loves that stuff...

It's very refreshing not solely painting 40k things and these animals, flesh and fur things are quite nice for a change!  Now to get some loot for my survivors and paint up some minis to match!


  1. That is terrifying...holy crap terrifying! Beaut job!

    1. Thanks! The models are all awesome and now with the expansions announced I'm super giddy. I'll probably have to sell a kidney but that's that's why we have two...

      Did you get yours assembled yet?

    2. Nope not yet...and yet I almost bought that new 54mm model on V-day...

  2. Holy cow that is one seriously creepy model - nicely done, man!


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