Khorne Biker Squad - Complete

Here's a shot of the finished Khorne bikers.  They were built with parts from the forge world Berserker upgrade pack (helms and torsos and shoulder pads) and some bits I got from a local gamer.  I had the spare loyalist bikes in my closet so instead of looking for CSM bikes I just converted those.  Each bike is different and each rider too!  Of course the sergeants are helmetless; they're not smart!

These guys are quite ready to go smashing into the enemy and adding more skulls to their trophy racks.

I happened just by chance to own eight bikes so I turned them into 2 squads of four.  I magnetized them like my Night Hawks to have special weapons along the side of the chassis.  I imagine they'd always want melta guns though and would normally be in squads of 3.  I know CSM models replace the twin linked bolter with the special weapon but that looked dumb and wasn't easy to magnetize for the effort.

 This sergeant is not happy.  Burning the chaos star into his scalp didn't start his day right.

Squad 2
This guy received a special weapon from the rampager squad.  I couldn't get over how cool it was to have a ball on a chain on a bike.  Reminded me of Road Rash if you remember that old Sega game.

 This guy, I gave a short buzz cut and didn't like it.  But since the model was done, I couldn't go back and fix the skin/scalp without probably ruining the detail of the face.  So he gets to keep his hair.  Won't be doing that again though.
And this fellow had a sword (From the rampager set too) but it broke.  Instead of fretting (or fixing it to just break again), I trimmed the bit and made brass knuckles.  Hard to see in the photo but I imagine it would make him a much better driver.


  1. They look great, they remind me of some old paint job back to 3rd edition of WH40K. The red look especially gore and fit with the theme


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