Plague Hulk of Nurgle Final - Plus Rust Tutorial

I'm no expert, but I wanted to show how I did the rust on my plague hulk (also write it down so I'd remember).  I've posted some photos for the major steps (sorry not all there since I got excited).  At the bottom you can see the final photos for my Plague Hulk of Nurgle.  Probably one of my favourite models now.

The first step is to paint everything with a leadbelcher/boltgun metal

Then stipple on tin bitz, then scorched brown (or something suitably dark) then a lighter brown like snakebite leather.  Here you can see the result of that.  It's really just a hodgepodge of colours so it's random.

Then I stipple on something bright and orange, followed by a wash of devlan mud to tie it together,

Then in select areas I'll stipple on more orange, or use a watered down orange in recesses where water/rust should collect.

Final photos

I went with white armour plating to tie this model into the rest of my emerald fist chaos marines visually on the table.


  1. The effect you've gotten here is really great. Well done!

    1. Sweet glad you like it. Not as cool as that self peeling effect you got, but close!

  2. Thanks for the tuto, I've always been a fan of the rusty aspect of Nurgle.
    Does the "brown step" really looks like greenish or that's only du to the picture?
    I'll give it a try.

    1. Which photo? It must just be the image. Make the snakebite looks a bit yellow?

    2. Yes I think you're right the snakebite make the color yellow next to green.
      You should make more tuto, they're very efficient!

    3. Thanks! I'm very lazy so my painting must be efficient!


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