[Dreadtober] Emerald Fists Contemptor Dread Part 2

#Dreadtober update.  Speeding along with the details now.  Some green and gold to really bring out the relic nature and the battle damage is done.  I have to do finishing touches, and finish the base and weapons but I'm narrowing in.  I really enjoy vehicle painting.  They're super fast (see image haha) so you get a product much faster than painting hordes of infantry.


  1. As you know, I love your style, and this particular combination of white, green, and golden/bronze looks amazing!

    1. Someday you'll run out of nice things to say!

      Originally I had thought with my army that I'd avoid gold since I envisioned this chapter not being ostentatious. Then I realized it just looked cool and started adding it more and more.


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