X-Wing VT49 Decimator painting

Nothing major here, but I spied a few sweet repaints online and took components of each.  I added these subtle details while I was watching a sitcom so it was quick!  Just a few black panels along the wings to break up the grey (I didn't want colour since it wouldn't blend in with the rest of the tie fighters and such).  The lightning might be an engine core, maybe a plasma generator for the laser. . . I'm not sure but it breaks up the monotony of the model without making it look out of place.


  1. Looks good to me! The black is subtle and adds a nice bit of flavor! The generator effect does the same thing. Nice work!

    1. Thanks! It was quite the big chunk of grey blandness so I wanted something that wasn't overpowering but caught the eye.

      Now to paint more pin head sized droids on x-wings...


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