Reaver Titan 7 - Last Installment

I found someone that wanted to buy this off of me and I have no room in my cabinet now with the khorne army occupying a spot (and I want to fund some things to expand that army) so I'm going to sell this (oil prices being what they are).  This was a huge impulse buy that I'd been thinking of for a long time as a modelling hurdle and I'm glad to have gotten it out of my system and broken even. Friends and I also picked up the Kingdom Death: Monster game and when that hopefully arrives in October I'll have a lot more to paint.

I'd magnetised the void shields on the carapace as well to make 'wounds' or whatever.  The rest is left off for painting and none of it is load bearing so would affix easy enough with glue (shoulder plates will be pinned, you can see the pin sticking out).

I asked the guy for a photo when he was done painting it so we'll see how it looks once the trees are added; hopefully he does it justice (and sends the photo).  I was excited to finish it but large swaths of airbrushing and the cost of this weren't really worth it in the end to just sit in a cabinet and not get played.  Fun intense build though!  (I must seem so fickle haha).  I will have to consider it a backward commission - buy it, build it then find a buyer instead of the other way around.

In the first picture you can see some giant clamps holding the heavy arms together while the epoxy dries.  Those were invaluable in the construction.  I have some smaller ones too I use all of the time to help hold pieces together on smaller models.  These are probably my favourite tools after a hobby knife and a desk lamp.


  1. Glad you found a buyer, but part of me is sad I won't see this beaut in your paint scheme!

    1. The game Kingdom Death I'm hoping will give us far more enjoyment. Besides, I have tons of other stuff that needs painting before spending money on a single display piece!

      Impulse buy FTW lol


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