Imperial Assault - Gideon Argus - Space Pimp

If you've played Imperial Assault, then you know Gideon Argus is the 'leader' of the rebel team.  In our current campaign no one chose him and I decided when we restart I'd like to use him.  So I took him home to paint up.  I should say though that while we were in our last game, after a few beers, we were joking that he'd look good in a pimp hat.  I may have taken that too far!  HAHA.  I started by green stuffing fur to cover his shoulders.  That was simply a tube of green stuff poked hundreds of times with a knife point.  I also added a hat, turned his binoculars into a champagne bottle and added some gold chains and a clock.  The painting obviously tied it all together with a silk shirt and leopard print pants :)  It's hard to see since the camera wouldn't focus closer (model is too small) but he does have a gold tooth as well, just doesn't contrast with the white teeth a lot.  Anyway here are a few other angles, and a shot of what he was 'intended' to look like.

Pimpin' wasn't easy so Gideon joined the Rebellion.
I'm excited to play with him and 'give orders' hahaha.  Oh another subtle addition was rotating his laser hand a bit for more of a 'kill shot'.  Since taking the picture I also added a bit of a feather from a cat toy to his hat.  Gave him back to my buddy last Sunday and I think we're playing this Friday.  Will be fun!

The intended colour scheme.

The original model, without pimp clothes.


  1. Haha, he is pretty funny now. Looks like a drunk pimp issuing orders to his rebel hoes

    1. Yeah :) I may have to borrow one of the other characters as an entourage :) Best thing about him is his character is actually the 'command' character in the game and does in fact 'issue orders' in game play haha


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