Four year blogaversary!

My first blog post was yesterday in 2011, so four years have passed since then (and 160,000 hits).  (I prebuilt this post and something happened and it didn't update properly; sorry Mordian7th for your comment!).  Quite a trip and over four hundred posts.  I started Warhammer 40k sometime in 2007, so it has been 8 years.  I've gone from being quite immersed in gaming aiming for a game a week, and being an active administrator of a popular online warhammer forum, to stepping back and involving myself in the hobby and the background eschewing gaming almost completely.  So 8 years and 10-ish armies later, I've focussed my gaming more toward x-wing, Armada and primarily boardgames with large social components and 4+ players.  It's been quite a ride.  We'll see where the next year brings me.  For now I thought I'd post up a terminator librarian I converted and painted 6 years ago (2009) and juxtapose it with a terminator librarian I converted and painted this year to show the evolution of my painting style.  I was super happy with the first terminator at the time and while I managed to stay within the lines, I've learned a lot since then and hopefully can still learn more.


  1. Awesome evolution in painting style. Blogging is awesome not just for all the stuff you can share, but the record of your own improvements over time! Super awesome work!

    1. Thanks, as always, Greg. I definitely enjoy having the record to fall back on and reference it quite a bit. Often I forget I'd painted or written something.

      Also, I've been heavily inspired, like most people, from things I've viewed online. So if I can help 'pay it forward' with a neat idea that someone may take a piece of and develop further, then that's a great way to keep the nerd community thriving :)

    2. You also end up making lots of friends and have a greater effect then you might realize!


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