Emerald Fists Wave 9

My next batch of stuff will include a librarian dreadnought I removed all of the blood iconography from and replaced with fists, 10 terminators of various patterns, a techmarine built from the Iron Hands forgefather, and a contemptor dreadnought.  The contemptor was gold (my custodian dreadnought) but it wasn't getting played and wanted to join the ranks of the rest of the Emerald Fists.


  1. Blood Angel Dread has always been a great kit, especially if you have other kits of dreadnought. You must be closed to have an entire chapter! Or at least several companies!

    1. Sadly neither! I have around 85% (about 90 models) of my '3rd company' and about 30% of 1st company, including support staff and vehicles for both; just missing 5 devestators and 15 line troops to complete the 3rd. So not close to a chapter :) Getting there though :)

  2. This post gets +1000 points due to the templar shield in the photo :)


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