Star Wars Armada - Imperial Fighters

Armada is such an awesome game and I had to continue painting the fighters from the fighter expansion pack.  I'm a bit sad it came with two more tie fighters, since I already had 6 stands, but oh well.  I'm sure there will be a 2nd fighter pack someday so I can get more pilots and bombers.  I painted the bombers with a very slightly different colour (space wolf grey instead of fortress grey) but it doesn't really show on the photo.  I also added the 'ace' stripe to soontir fel's interceptors :)

My tie fighters here before I painted the bases black.  The black bases look way better on the table and I think I need to add a red blip though to the pointer so I can see wounds easier.


  1. Wow these look fantastic! Man this game is going to show up one day at my place, I just know it.

    1. Can't say you'd be disappointed! Maybe try to get a demo in.

    2. it *IS* glorious. I've gotten the bug and I'm chomping at the bit for Wave 2.

    3. The new star destroyer looks amazing!

    4. yeah. And it's HUUUGE. I'm really looking forward to having more fleet options having absolutely massive games. Multiple ISD's, several Mon Cals... Assault Frigates... They're going to take way too much of my monies in the next 4 months.

    5. Must be fun! I've only played maybe 6 games. It's hard to find time between X-wing (though I definitely like Armada more) and better boardgames for multiplayer.

      I'm rarely in a 1v1 situation so games get more play if they're 4+ players.


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