Imperial Assault - Painted Jyn

My friends and I started playing Imperial Assault a few months ago and when choosing characters, I ended up with Jyn Odan.  I shouldn't say 'ended up with' because that implies I don't like the character, but I chose last so this is what I have!  Anyone who's played the game knows the pieces come unpainted and I wanted to get into the game a bit more and took her home to paint.  The characters in the base game are really just copies of heroes from the Star Wars movies with different names.  Jyn here is really just a copy of Han Solo and even has an ability that could have been called 'shoots first' but instead is quick draw.  There's a generic wookie and a jedi too.  Anyway since we started calling her 'fake Han' I decided instead of painting the weird orange from the player card I would copy Han solo's costume.  Here's the result of a very quick paint job (it's my friend's game haha).
The best thing is that this inspired him to dust off his paint brushes and paint up the Imperial models that he was frequently using which adds a lot of character to the game.


  1. She def looks like a female han with this paint scheme! Nice work!

    1. Thanks! It's always a breath of fresh air to paint something different. If we restart the campaign I may grab another guy to paint up.


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