[Fluff] Siege of Bruj - Epilogue

Based on an adaptation of the Badab War Campaign, the result of 5 games of Warhammer 40k are being used to write a recount of 'The Siege of Bruj', a compendium for the background of the traitorous elements of the Emerald Fists; my homebrew chapter.  The results are being formatted with photographs of my models and the battles.  Enjoy.

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Epilogue -

The Raven Guard had contained the Emerald Fists to Bruj Secundus and silently blockaded the system for months while corruption enveloped the world.  Precision strikes had delayed the inevitable but ultimately could not break the Fists.  Aboard the Selue Rhonar, with the Tacita Nocte in close formation, Captain Solari stared at the rotten orb below that was Bruj Secundus.  The Raven Guard’s hubris had led them to believe a decapitating blow was possible in the face of the implacable Emerald Fist advance.  Like a cancer the traitors had spread their worship among the populace and had transformed the surface into a bulwark against the Imperium’s reprisal.  The Emerald Fists truly had fallen and were no longer the honorable force Solari had once bled beside.

The sector’s Inquisition would be advised of the recent events and the fate of Bruj ultimately lay in the Ordo Malleus’ hands.  Whether by exterminatus or smashed beneath the hammer of the Imperial Guard, Bruj would not be left to the traitors.  Either path would ultimately banish the chaos taint; albeit without the Raven Guard’s expertise which counted for little in such a prolonged conflict.  The rescue of precious few mortals from Bruj Secundus and the recovery of a majority of the chapter’s gene-seed served as bitter consolation as the Raven Guard fleet reached the system’s Mandeville point and translated out of real space.

The true Siege of Bruj had yet to begin.


Now that this is finished, I have to do a final proof read and then I'm going to get it published as a coffee table book :)