Star Wars Armada - Tie Fighters Painted

My starter set came in for this awesome game and I felt the tie fighters needed to be painted.  Coming from a Warhammer hobby, painting these was exceptionally fast!  They're about the size of a fingernail (if not smaller) so a black base coat, followed by some lines and a wash is really all they need.  It's important though not to go too dark (did that on my test ship) since from a distance it's really hard to see detail if the grey doesn't pop.  Pew Pew Pew!


  1. That is an AWESOME photo :)

    1. Propaganda photo almost to join the Empire! I'm going to paint the pegs though so that they're black. I don't like how they look in this photo.

    2. Agreed, I can't stand plastic flight bases myself. Have you considered thin metal wire painted black?

    3. I play both at my house and a friend's and my case might put some strain on thin wire. Do you find it bends really easy? I wouldn't want my fighter pilots looking drunk and needing to straighten them out all of the time :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Had a game yesterday went right down to the wire, last shot last turn won the game for my opponent. So much depth to this game and the fighters are a very important part!


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