Dog Ate My Model - Repaired Nurgle Blight Drone

Back in February 2013 I posted this  where my dog utterly destroyed a blight drone I was working on.  I was understandably upset!  All of those painting hours gone!  Anyway it took well over 2 years for me to go back and try to fix this thing, but luckily it was nurgle.  There was nothing major enough that some extra rust and blood and puss couldn't fix.  I did lose some cables but that seems minor now.

A lot of super glue and some very careful placement of parts and the model is back to normal.  I highly doubt I'll ever have it used in a game (it would probably break now) but it suits the display cabinet fine enough.

Dog attack results.  Resin is quite brittle and doesn't enjoy being 'tasted'.

After photograph with some rusty touch ups
For the base on this one I did a really quick and dirty molten rock effect.  It's definitely not great, but it only took 20 minutes.  I know I should strive for more but I really didn't know how else to do it.  The cracks are very small in the chaos icons engraved on the rock so I couldn't really free hand anything in there.

Here's a shot of the new blight drone (left) and the one I finished in November 2012.  Obviously the one on the left needed quite a bit more rust.  I think I like the 'cleaner' right side one since the rust looks more intrusive but you can't win them all.
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  1. I'm glad you were able to recover and repair your model. I still haven';t repaired my friends forgeworld trygon that I knocked off the table...I feel your pain immensely. The end result looks great for sure!


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