Emerald Fists Wave 8 - Support

More toys for my Emerald Fists.  Some heavy fire power from a basilisk and a sicaran plus some drop pods to fly dreadnoughts around in.

Lucius pods are huge!  Also a pain to assemble  I was quite scared the doors would break off (they're really heavy) so the hinges were cut off and I replaced them with coat hanger for strength.


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    1. Yeah they'll be painted to match my loyal marines. Though nothing precludes the use of the sicaran being in with the nurgle marines I have in the same but more decayed scheme.

  2. Ooooh cool sicaran sponsons! Where did you get those?

    1. Blood and skulls industries. Guy's name is machinator. He makes lots of random parts. These match those on my predators to tie the tanks together.

    2. Awesome! Thanks so much!


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