Khorne Maulerfiend - progress 3

Well I'm done painting this (minus the blood effect) and I really enjoyed it.  I've come up with an easier to paint scheme so it's much faster than my Emerald Fists and it was a nice change all in.  The oxide paint is pretty cool stuff.  I think one must be quite careful not to over do it though since it is quite bright and in this instance doesn't match my colour scheme.  I still need bases (and I've ordered them from Micro Art Studios).  I'm getting those full on skull bases to do the entire army.  Skulls for the skull throne and such!  Not sure when those will arrive but I'll be doing the bases all at once for the entire army in bulk.

Little khorne icon inset in the chaos star shown below.  I tried to merge the piece with liquid green stuff but that stuff is garbage and I couldn't flatten real greenstuff in there without ruining the rivets (I don't have tools).  Anyway I'm happy with it for what it is.


  1. Love the Khorne icon incorporated into the Chaos star on its back, nice work.

    1. Thanks :) It was pre-built so any changes to the model had to be subtle :). The collar of khorne was the only other thing I added.

    2. Wicked nice! Quite a change from your standard buildups :)

    3. Thanks man. They're super fun change. They'll look even better once all based with skull piles!


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