Khorne Maulerfiend - progress 1

Here's my first khorne model.  The maulerfiend all basecoated.  I chaos blacked the model then did a vallejo model air dark grey blue from above.  It's subtle but you can see the colour change vs the plastic base.  I've also added a collar of khorne to this big brute and a khorne symbol to the inside of the chaos star on his back.  The squid arms (I'm new so don't know what they're called haha) were magnetised so they can be stored or swapped.


  1. Very nice. Any particular tricks to this model? I'm debating a khorne/ork list!

    1. Honestly I bought it last week preassembled. I had to rip off the middle arms (I don't know what they're called) so I could replace them with the tentacles (I thought it looked cooler). So I spent a lot of time cleaning flashing and bad gluing. I didn't assemble from the beginning so I don't even know what the pieces look like! Sorry not much help. It is big enough though that I wouldn't glue it to a base. It's too hard to get the belly for painting.


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