Emerald Fists - Sternguard PIP

I made a lot of progress on these guys rather quickly.  I previously went with red cloth on my models but in hindsight think it's too much colour.  The blue-white is much more subtle and I think the direction I'll go in the future.


  1. Hmm...I almost think you need the red to add some pop. The blue really blends in. Maybe something to compliment with green? A type of yellow?

    1. I was trying to avoid the pop haha. The red with green on my last guys made them look like Christmas (I think someone told me that and then I couldn't un-see it).

      Maybe once the purity seals (which are everywhere) have red wax and the gold is all done it will suffice?

    2. Ha...ya the red was a bit too much. Maybe a deeper shade of blue? I just feel its being lost a bit, but then it's sometimes hard to see these things in photos, so as always, artist has best say!

    3. maybe standing on the dark rocks will make it stand out


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