Emerald Fists - Sternguard Complete

Finished!  These guys definitely look bling enough to be in first company.  I remember when I started with the Emerald Fists I didn't want them too be overly flashy.  Problem is gold just looks really good on space marines as an accent.  Especially when it's just on veterans and such so that theory is out the window.  It messes with my original captains but oh well.  Maybe they're just not the ostentatious ones.
I wasn't committed enough to choose a weapon loadout so everyone is on magnets.  I tried to cherry pick shoulder guards with a crux as well and used the left overs with my other squads.  So many nice bits in this kit.


  1. Fantastic work man! Really dig how those turned out!

    1. Thanks man. They'll be sitting for a while though as I work on the chaos stuff.

  2. The blue looks much better on those bases! Wicked awesome! These guys are true space pimps, no wonder they get the best ammo.


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