Mark IV Scouts (Forge World Recon Marines)

Happy New Year!  I finished my scouts and here they are presented all sneaky like.  Since my terrain is all painted in this dark brown I used the same colours on their cloaks.  The cloaks were a small touch and they're very subtle but made painting these actually seem different than the normal marines.  I magnetized one of them and game him a heavy weapon.  This isn't a normal inclusion in the kit but the shoulder mounted heavy weapon was a good fit.  Now I can swap between missile and heavy bolter.  Someday I'll write some official fluff for these guys too!  But for now, it's just pictures. 


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    1. Thanks! The pictures are a bit grainy but I think it conveys why the cloaks/bases are the colours they are which conceptually was the entire goal. I was debating stating these were a part of my company I'm working on, but I may kick them out for a squad of boarding marines at a later date.

  2. fantastic work! Love the scenery shots. I think the grainy shots actually go along with the models!

    1. Probably hides any imperfections :)

      I'm getting closer and closer to finishing my basement renos and then doing a full army shot. Maybe end of February


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