[Emerald Fists] Techmarine - Complete

After making my libarian I had a spare model left from the legion praetor set and figured he had enough artifice to warrant making him a techmarine.  Currently I think he'll be my master of the forge but that might change if I get more tech marines.  I'm going to use him to man a thunderfire cannon.  I think I'll use one of these as a thunderfire cannon.

I built the backpack from a missile launcher arm and sergeant chronus' power pack/arm. 

The shoulder pad is from the dark angel ravenwing sprue.  I carved up the skull to remove the hood.  I used this pad because I wanted the raised metal guard; it makes the model look a bit broader.

Since the sword that comes with this model didn't really fit in with the techmarine look, I added an auspex.  I figure he should have one for tinkering with stuff :).


  1. I know I say this a lot, but I really enjoy your scheme. This figure in particular, with all the extra embellishments really looks great! Green details are really nice, as is the armor...even got that lovely little spot on the eyes. It takes me like 50 tries to do that!

    1. Thanks man. I may not feed on "likes" but it's ok to snack on them haha.


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