Emerald Fist Centurions - WIP

Half a year ago I built these and now they're painted.  Here's the modelling post.  These are painting up about as quickly as 3 normal marines.  They're larger but I find a green shoulder is a green shoulder regardless of size.  I have to paint the weapons and a bit more detail and these will be ready to crush my enemies.


  1. Such a great gritty style! Never get tired of seeing these updates. Did you temp glue or pin them to those bases while you work on them?

    1. Just temp glue. I dab a bit of super glue on one of the feet so that they're easy to snap off. Plastic glue (I've tried) was way too effective and caused damage when I had to cut the base off.

      I have enough stuff to keep painting this army for a year so I wouldn't worry about them disappearing. Luckily they're always new units. I have lots of planes tanks and infantry left (just put together 5 tartaros and 5 cataphractii terminators) and am also eyeing up a Reaver Titan project. Again, I promise to have an army shot in February-ish when my basement reno is done.


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