Spined Chaos Beast Complete

Here's my finished chaos spined warbeast.  He had to undergo some surgery as I left him on my deck during a little bit of wind and he flew off into a piece of slate walkway and lost some spines.  Now all repaired, I present him!  I'm slowly adding more daemon-like models to my chaos army and this purple makes him stand out yet still fit in with the muted schemes I've chosen so far.  It also let me paint something purple which I've never done yet.  I might try a gross yellow down the road.  I never knew how large this model was which is why I also included a scale representation with a 40 mm base below.  Maybe someone else will have luck on google when trying to make a choice like I was.  The detail on this model is awesome.  Everything about it is gross.  My wife thinks its disgusting which means whoever the designer was did a great job conveying the warp!


  1. Wicked awesome! Love the supreme depth in those exposed tendons and muscles!

    1. Thanks man! The two tone worked well (using elf flesh for the first layer). I'm sure I copied that from somewhere.

  2. Really dig how that turned out - beautiful work, man!

  3. Replies
    1. Ha great minds think a like and such :)


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