Spartan Tank WIP

Last of the land raiders (well I guess it's not a land raider anymore).  I've added the green to the spots that are going to get it.  There wasn't anything that really screamed 'paint me green'.  I had a few ideas like the front assault 'nose' area but that wouldn't have worked well with the green fist emblem.  I think it would have taken away from it.  Because the tracks are open to the air, I figure the dark colour that they will become will be sufficient to break up the white.  We'll see!


  1. What a mean and nasty tank. I like this layout of green. I think the exhaust could serve to add another rear color break, but I know you are still working on it :).

    1. I'll definitely add soot. I'm also thinking to start bluing the hot metal parts like exhaust pipes.


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