[Emerald Fists] Spartan Assault Tank - Complete

My Land Raider Spartan is now finished!  I don't think I'll be painting another one for a very long time (maybe a mechanicus one someday).  Size wise it really isn't much larger than a standard land raider.  Maybe an inch longer?  I really don't have much to say with respect to painting technique as I've said it tons on previous projects.  But any questions are welcome.  I muddied up the tracks with GW texture paint to make them look less clean.  I also added brass etch to every 7th track link so that Dorn's fury will be stamped across every battlefield.


  1. Another fantastic tank. This is one heck of an army! Please take some group shots when you get a chance!

    1. I should get on that. Currently I'm redoing my basement though so I don't have much room. I'll try to get some motivation (doesn't help that it's dark here now at 4pm so I just have crappy lighting.


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