[Emerald Fists] Land Raider Achilles Complete

Here's my finished land raider achilles, complete with chapterhouse studios sponsons.  I figure since the fluff (at least on forgeworld's infosheet) says that the achilles is big in Imperial Fist armies, I would need one for myself.  I really like the tank, it's a beast and one can't go wrong with a thunderfire cannon.  I've added small script work on various green areas.  Nothing you can see from 3' away but noticable up close and in pictures.  Also the weapons are all on magnets.  I'm sure a variant will come out someday that I'll want to try out.  I should point out that the CHS sponsons were a bit warped so I boiled the pieces and then clamped them on while hot.  This let them cool perfectly plum.


  1. The CH sponsoons really make this tank look ultra beefy. Plus they could soon be a collectors item! Like the weathering on this tank just like your other ones. It gives a lot of interest to the cream/off white color.

    I would have liked to see a bit more green on the top again, but it is probably just the angle of the pictures! Looks fine at 3/4, just when you get pretty high up looking down, its a bit sparse and really grabs hold of your eye.

    1. Luckily I have all of my sponsons! I am always worried with the green. Originally it was supposed to be a very minor accent colour and looking back at my caestus or predators there is very little green as well. I'd also only originally done the recessed panels so when doing models without many I have been hesitant to apply too much. This is another example. I wanted to 'paint within the lines' instead of putting a chevron or something on top and short of picking out random panels I was left with this. The last photo does look a bit weird. I think when painting I'm always down at the vehicle's level and don't notice. I also try to remember that I'm painting an army and not a model so it's important that nothing stands out too much. If there's too much green on a vehicle I'm worried it may start to wash out the infantry beside it. Perhaps I'm justifying bad choices - who knows! :)

    2. Those are all very valid reasons. I can only comment based on the photograph, so what you are saying in regards to the infantry and army makes perfect sense.

      When you get a chance, please post an army photo with the lovely tanks!


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