[Emerald Fists] Typhus - Complete

Here's my finished Typhus!  I went with a consistent light blue scheme to match the other librarians in my army.  For an older model I think this sculpt is still good.  I like the new ForgeWorld one but not enough to have both (yet!).  I also did not make the blade a power blade like I normally would and instead went with a mithril silver to black fade and then painted nurgle's rot as a few layers to make it green and gross.  I also put a few other drips of that all over the model (but remember less is more).  This is also the model required for the second game of my Escalation plan; but already the opponent has fallen behind!


  1. Looks really good! The weathering on the armor is especially good. I probably already said that with your other posts...but well...it's nice!!!

    1. Maybe, but it's always nice to receive comments :)

      Sponging is super easy; I wish I'd figured it out years ago.


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