Chaos Sorcerer and Librarian WIP

Just like I did before with power armoured version: here are my terminator librarian and sorcerer!  The sorcerer is obviously typhus which I didn't alter at all (I stripped an old metal one).  The loyalist librarian is made from the Legion Praetor set from Forge World.  I changed him a bit by adding some guitar string cables around his chest (under the armpits), swapping the sword for a power axe and adding some keys, scrolls and books to his waist.

This picture shows the loyalist with the original paint job.  I completely forgot how I painted my power armoured librarian and used the wrong colour here.  Obvious tip, record your colours somewhere for future use!  The top picture with both models is the redone scheme as a base showing a bit more texture.  The head and hand of the librarian have been left off for painting and because the hand will be magnetised to allow for a storm shield.