[Emerald Fists] Tactical Squad 4

Here's my fourth Emerald Fist tactical squad.  That leaves twenty more tactical slots to fill which I think will be filled with breacher squads.  40 tacticals is more than enough.  If one compares these to the older fists they're getting a bit dirtier and darker which I'm liking.  It makes the models more visually interesting when en masse. 

I gave this sergeant a combiweapon and added a magnet which is why you can see a gap.  I also started to add some light blue frill (the rope and wings) which I think I will incorporate into more models.  It's a nice colour contrast.  Additionally I freehanded a fist on a purity seal.  I think those will also become more used as they're really easy and look better than squigly lines (at least to me). 
I've also included two photos of the last twenty tacticals grouped up.  First rank second rank fire!