[Emerald Fists] Tactical Marines Squad 3 Complete

Ten more tactical marines finished!  This makes 30 for my 3rd company.  I really like the new tactical squad sprue.  The cuts are more crisp and there's some cool parts.  Adding in some sternguard sprue parts and my sergeants all look unique. 

Here's a side view of my newest sergeant.  Here you can see him standing, surveying the scene before an advance.  He flickers the powerfield on his power sword in a ritualistic pre battle habbit.


  1. these are nicely done m8! gives me some ideas for my Heresy Deathguard. :)

    1. Sweet, it's always nice to inspire others in the community instead of just being inspired :). This whole thing started as a basic death guard clone.

  2. Excellent wearing on the armor. Your greens are really nice here. Very vibrant and compliment the white/cream colors very nicely. Very well done models!

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