Escalation Nurgle Bile Trolls Complete (chaos spawn counts as)

Here are my finished Nurgle Bile Trolls which will be used as chaos spawn.  They're mounted on 60 mm bases so they're quite huge.  Think dreadnought sized.  They're based coated with a catachan green and then highlighted with shadow grey and space wolf grey.  Drybrushing of rotting flesh was added to give different hues.  The rust was accomplished with bestial brown, snakebite leather and an orange with a wash.  I also added various spots with nurgle's rot which is cool stuff.

Here's a back shot.  There's a ton of detail on these models.  The horns bursting from the skin are just awesome.

Lots of rusty metal too and it comes textured.  These will definately be a staple in my lists as the models are just awesome and the rules are great too.

This guy with a plague bearer errupting from his back doesn't make much sense to me!  But he definately needed to be painted a different colour.  The blending of the two tones was just done by dry brushing catachan green onto the model until the coverage was good.

There's a lot of personality in the models too.  Look at how inquisitive this guy is!  He just wants a hug.