[Emerald Fists] Contemptor Dreadnought Done

Here's my finished comtemptor dreadnought.  Even with the paint chipping there were some excessively large areas that I felt needed more detail so I added some script work to the knee pad, the legs and shoulders.  Not much to say about it.  The model is really nice, it has so much ability to be posed; as the ankle, knee and hips are all jointed in addition to the waste head shoulders and elbows.  It does make it difficult to put together at first so use some putty and pins.  On to pictures!


  1. Excellent! Really dig how that turned out, man.

    1. Thanks. I may strip my other one (custodes gold) so that this guy has a buddy. I've had trouble with simple green on things that were varnished, but since it's resin maybe it will flake off easier. I might just put it in a bucket and leave it for a month and see what happens. So many more projects before that is a worry though.


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