Escalation - Mantic Zombie Horde WIP

Game 1 requires zombies and lots of them.  I bought these one or two years ago and they sat in a box.  As far as the kit goes it came with 27 sets of legs.  There are a few (I think 3) that are emerging from the ground but I didn't think that worked well thematically of a shambling horde.  I mean how can you pull the grave 6" a turn :)

The mantic bases have a round bottom to them that I didn't want to cut off since I didn't think it would be very easy or stable.  Instead I attached the bases to a 25 mm base and then green stuffed the edge so it appeared as a mound the zombie was standing on once flocked. 

The kit has three different body types, 4-5 head varients and 3 different legs.  It doesn't have a lot of options but they're not expensive.  I don't want to spend a lot of money on a 4 point model.  The joint between the torso and the legs is a ball and socket and leaves a big gap.  I didn't bother to GS it as it would have been time consuming and the level of detail I plan to paint on these is minimal and probably will just look like a roll of cloth.

The kit is definately not great or up to par with what I expect from GW but again, the price was right.  The moulding is crisp but the variants are limited due to the arms being part of the torso.

On to the painting, I painted four different colours as the main base coat to provide some variation.  I used dhenab stone, whych flesh, astrinomicon grey and rotting flesh.  Followed by a wash of devlan mud.   A bit of blood and then stippling more red on the hands mouths and wound sores.  A bit more touch up and basing and they'll be ready to die over and over.