Escalation Painting Challenge - Start

I have amassed a pile of things that I haven't gotten around to painting for over a year and in some instances two years.  Various reasons delayed this painting but I came up with a plan to get this stuff finished (it's not an original plan at all).

A friend and I are going to do a monthly painting challenge starting at 200 points and escalating 200 points a game.  We'll aim for monthly but real life will likely get in there.  Luckily I've been able to structure my unpainted stuff into a legal chaos marine list with daemon allies.  Once done, I should have all my my chaos stuff fully painted and cut down on some of my backlog of hobby projects.

The first month's goal is to build and paint some plague zombies.  My plan (the order of which may change slightly)

Game one (200 points):
14 Cultists (zombies)
14 Cultists (zombies)
Chaos Spawn of Nurgle

Game two (400 points):

Game three (600 points):
Chaos Spawn of Nurgle
Chaos Spawn of Nurgle

Game four (800 points):
Giant Chaos Spawn

Game five (1000 points):
Great Unclean One (Scabbiethrax)
10 Plague Bearers

Game six (1200 points):
Blight Drone - fixing the one my dog ate 2 years ago

Game seven (1500 points):
Plague Hulk
Havoks - not sold on this entry